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 Tay Ninh (Tây Ninh) is a border province belonging to the Southeast area, which holds a position as linking Ho Chi Minh City with Phnom Penh capital of Cambodia. Therefore, this place is considered as the strategic area on the economy and defence in Vietnam. Nowadays, tourists to this region can make a tour of Tay Ninh Holy See, which is the specific work of architecture of Cao Dai (Cao Đài) religion or conquer the top of Ba Den (Bà Đen) mountain or discover the historical destinations such as the base of Central Committee for South Vietnam…

From the centre of Ho Chi Minh city, you find it easy to catch the buses to Tay Ninh commune for your excursion. In case you are on tour, you should register at the travel companies.

Tay NinhTay Ninh

The highway 22 will take you to Trang Bang (Trảng Bàng) town, through Gò Dầu town and stop at Tay Ninh commune. As soon as you arrive at the commune’s locality, the first image you see is Tay Ninh Holy See with more than 1 kilometer wide precinct. On the way to the inner, there are several special works of architecture such as the temple, house for working, accommodation. The most outstanding in the architectural community is the holy temple, which resembles the architecture of Christian church and lengthens up to 100 meters with two high towers. When going around the holy temple’s area, you see the image of God’s eyes that is the symbol for Cao Dai (Cao Đài) religion existing everywhere. It is likely said that Tay Ninh Holy See is the harmonious combination between Oriental and Occidental architectural art and it is also the location that shows the spirit of three religions of Cao Đài religion the most clearly. This place holds rituals four times a day on 6 a.m, at noon, 6 p.m and at midnight and you can come to observe these ceremonies

After visiting Holy See, you do not forget to conquer Bà Đen mountain at 986 meter height and away from Tây Ninh commune about 11 kilometers in the direction of North-east. You can choose the way for your own to go up the mountain to visit the pagoda by a telpher or a slipping gutter. But the most interesting way may be still walking to the mountain. The road is crooked, yet the natural sight is extremely beautiful. The higher you go up, the more obviously you can see the top of Cậu mountain, Heo mountain, Phụng mountain and the most special is observing the finest Dầu Tiếng lake bed. On mountain, there is Vân Sơn pagoda, which is a highly sacred site for residents in the locality to worship. Furthermore, if you like discovering, you can climb much higher to visit the other pagodas built in Bà Đen mountain.

If your excursion extends for two days, you should go to Central Committee for South Vietnam, which is far from Tây Ninh commune about 65 kilometers. This is a historical relic of Tây Ninh province, a place where the South Vietnam revolutionary leaders used to live and work such as Võ Văn Kiệt, Nguyễn Văn Linh… during the anti-American resistance war. The base is nowadays recovered the former state to welcome tourists.

You do not forget to enjoy the famous dishes such as Trảng Bàng rice spaghetti (bánh canh), the dew-aired girdle cake… when arriving at Tây Ninh land, especially to Long Hoa market to eat the specific vegetarian food. The gifts are surely indispensable to your return consisting of the bottles of savory shrimp salt, kinds of girdle cakes… and the experiences about the new land of Vietnam

Tay Ninh’s climate is relative mild, and is divided into 2 main seasons, the dry season and raining season. The dry season lasts from December of previous year to April of next year and it contrasts with the rainy season lasts from May to November. The radiation system is plentiful, and the temperature is high and fixable. On the other hand, Tay Ninh lies far inner in the continent, so suffers less from the storm and other disadvantageous elements. The average temperature of Tay Ninh is 27,40 degree Celsius, annual light volume is profound, averagely there are 6 hours of sun shining in a day.


There are buses from Ho Chi Minh City to Tay Ninh. These buses leave from the Tay Ninh bus station in Tan Binh district and Mien Tay bus station in An Lac.


However there is no public transportation to Cu Chi from Tay Ninh. You would have to hire a motorbike in Tay Nhin in order to get around. Sometimes there are Xe Om drivers located in front the hotels. A motorbike ride would probably cost you around six dollars in United States money for a return trip.


Another way to get to Tay Ninh would be by a charted taxi, which is an easy way. An all day return trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Tay Ninh and Cu Chi would cost you about forty five dollars in United States money.


Vietnam are known for getting around in bicycle since it is cheap and convenient. Everyone in Vietnam learn how to ride a bike at a very young age.


There is a Long Hoa Market located several miles south of the Cao Dai See complex that is open from five in the morning to six at night. Long Hoa Market sells food, clothing and everything you would expect to find in a marketplace.


Bánh canh Trảng Bàng (Banh canh Trang Bang, a kind of noodle)

Muối ớt (Muoi ot, salt with chilli)

Bánh tráng banh trang phoi suong Trang Bang (griddle cake dried and beef hotpot) Than lan nui chien gion (fried mountainous lizards)

Tay NinhTay Ninh    


Tam Lan Tay Ninh herbal tea

fresh fruit juice - can be in either cans or fresh fruit. If it is found in a can, it is made of litchi, wacky pumpkin, or passion lemon.

Strong coffee - Southern drink coffee with ice while northern drink coffee when it is warm but during the summer they will drink it with just a little bit of ice. Also they drink coffee with milk, it is called "cafe nau".

Beer - Hanoi Beer is produced by Hanoi Beer Company and Saigon Beer is produced by Saigon Beer Company.

Can Wine - "Can Wine" is put in a porcelain jar, but before you get to drink it, you have to know how many people will be presented to drink the wine so you can prepare how many stem to set up. The stem will be placed in the jar, and everyone will drink from the stem or it can even be shared.

Coke, Pepsi, Heineken and Western Wines can also be found in the restaurant at Tay Ninh.


There is sometimes a scam when getting out of the temple: motorbike driver asks money to go to bus station (ben xe) and drive you near main temple entrance where there is a bus stop, less than 2min away.

  Cao Dai Great Temple - Tay Ninh province
The Cao Dai Great temple is the cathedral of the Cao Dai religion and is the main attraction in Tay Ninh. The temple, buil between 1933 and 1955, is located more specifically in Long Hoa, 5km south-east of Tay Ninh.
is 140m long and 40m wide. The construction is harmonious fusion of Asian and European styles. The interior consists of a huge decorated hall ans sanctuary The two rows and columns are decorated with dragons and are coated in white, red and blue paint.
Tay NinhTay Ninh
The domed ceiling is divided into nine parts similar to a night sky full of a stars and symbolizes heaven, Under the dome is a giant star-speckled blue globe with the Divine Eye painted on it: This is the official symbol of CaoDaism. Followers worship Jesus Christ, Confucius, Laotze and Buddha, and also believe to be in touch with such deceased celebrities as Shakespeare, Joan of Arc and Victor Hugo.


Dau Tieng Lake - Tay Ninh Province 
Dau Tieng Lake is located on the way to Tay Ninh, Cao Dai Great Temple, and Ba Den Mountain, 20 km from Tay Ninh. The lake covers 27,000 ha and has a water reserve of 1,5 billion m3, irrigating Tay Ninh province as well as neighbouring provinces.
Dau Tieng Lake’s beautiful landscape of mountains, its mysterious islets, and its fresh and pure atmosphere shall give visitors an agreeable feeling. Visitors shall also appreciate the food specialities of the locality.


Ba Den Mountain - Tay Ninh province 
Ba Den mountain, the highest elevation in the south at 986m, is the last peak in the Truong Son mountain range. It is located 15km north -east of Tay Ninh. The area is a historical and beautiful site, and covers more than 24 sq.km.
Centuries ago Ba Den mountain became the place of worship for the local population. Perched on the mountain in front of a lake is Van Son pagoda.
The mountain overlooks the whole province, like a conical hat rising from the plains. From here visitors can see Cau mountain to the east and the Heo and Phung mountains to the north-west. Besides, picturesque grottoes and caves are scattered in the mountain.   Ba Den mountain is also the location of three preservation parks that serve as outdoor museums which display relics and photographs depicting the life and activities of the Vietnamese Liberation Forces during the American war. Ba Den mountain is always very crowded and lively on holidays and festivals.


Tay NinhTay Ninh










Nui Ba Festival - Tay Ninh province 
Nui Ba (Ba Mountain) is often called Ms. Den Mountain. According to a legend, the mountain was named after a young woman called Denh, but who was referred to as Den. She was the devout daughter of a guard officer of the Mien ethnic minority group. Den left her house to enter a monastery in the mountains. She became a nun due to family pressure to marry a guard officer's son from the Trang Bang Area. She remained at the monastery until she died. After her death, the Nguyen Dynasty ordered that a mould of her be cast in black bronze in her honour as the Linh Son Thanh Mau ( Saint Linh Son).
During the spring until the afternoon of the 30th day of the 1st lunar month, and especially on the day of the full moon of the first month, tourists from Ho Chi Minh City and the provinces of the south pilgrimage to worship and sightsee. Starting at the bottom of the mountain, tourists climb one half of the mountain to Saint Linh Son's communal house and then follow a path that leads to a pagoda. This pagoda offers vegetarian meals. Tourists can eat as much as they want, but should donate some money to the pagoda; the amount of the donation depending on the budget of the tourist.