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About Huong hai Junk Cruise:

Be transported back to the old times, charm of Huong Hai Junks.


Huong Hai Junks Cruise, one of the oldest and the most experiences cruise company in Halong Bay. The Junks’ services, quality and luxury are the hallmarks of this meticulously sails. The Huong Hai Cruise would provide clients a wonderful comfort with the latest in modern amenities & facilities. Huong Hai Junk Cruise offers all the comforts and personal service you could possibly wish for when you visit the World Heritage Site of Halong Bay.


Moreover, Huong Hai junk cruises have experienced and highly motivated crews look forward to make your trip impeccable and unforgettable. With more than 10 year participating in the tourism trade ad Halong Bay with an experienced group of junk cruises. Huong Hai Junk Cruise in Halong Bay is a reliable trade mark.


Huong Hai Junk Cruise offers a fleet of traditional wooden junks modeled on the 18th century crafts used by Vietnam is royal dynasty, evoking the memory of bygone years. The upper floor resembles an ancient Chinese palace complete with circular doors and pillars, topped with billowing scarlet red sails.


When we take one of the Huong Hai Junk Cruise to visit Halong Bay we will have a great chance to do swimming, snorkeling and kayaking in the crystal clear turquoise waters of Halong Bay. The trips to Halong Bay on Huong Hai Junk Cruise would allow us to do a lot of activities, adventure outings, tour excursions, cooking demonstrations.


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Kayaking on Huong Hai Junks:

Halong Bay with its island, islet, blue lagoons, caves, calm water is a perfect place for Kayaking. In 2000, Halong Bay was voted to be one of top twenty - five Kayaking locations of the world by National Geographic Adventures Journal times. The best way to feel the imposingness of Ha long nature and discover all the peaks, walls of the mountains perfectly is kayaking.


In early of 1990s, kayaking was introduced to Halong Bay. Firstly, this kind of transportation was only attracted tourists who are very brave to explore Ha long. Up to present, there has been a surprising rise in the number of the tourists who would like to explore this seclude bay on kayaks


Joining our cruise trip with Kayaking on Huong Hai Junks allow you to visit remote caves, hidden lagoons that are only accessible at low tide and some untouched area which are hardly or impossible to access by big boats.
For expert Kayakers, Huong Hai Junks have achieved successes in organizing Kayak races, without limiting the quantity of the competitors. There are some specified sites such as: The Cua Van Floating fishing village, the Trong cave, the Dong Tien Lake, the Ba Ham lake and The Three Peaches. They are all fascinating area for kayaking adventure with their significant beauty, attractions and spaces


Huong Hai Junks also offers kayaking lovers the trips to discovery Halong Bay on Kayaks. This trip will bring you a sense of adventure and discovery. At the present, Huong Hai Junks in Halong Bay is operating more than 30 American-made kayaks with 2 inside seats. Let explore the Natural wonder of the World with Huong Hai Junk Cruise.



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