Cantho City Museum

Posted On 9:24 am May 26, 2011 | by Vietnam Cambodia Travel | under Vietnam Travel Guides

A comprehensive and colorful museum of local history, industry, custom, Chinese population, and the region’s role during colonial repression as well as during the war years with the United States. Maps are detailed but indecipherable. You won’t find any signs in English, but that doesn’t matter, as most exhibits, like the scenes and images of the delta’s history, are interesting and self-explanatory. Go with a guide if you want to get background information. The second floor is a patriotic display of war remnants. There’s also a model Chinese apothecary and temple in homage to the region’s large Chinese population, local musical instruments, and a large diorama of a wedding procession. You’ll see a bust of Ho Chi Minh and other Vietnamese patriots in the lobby. A visit here combined with a tour of the Army Museum is a good little city walk.