Nghinh Co Festival

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Honoring: “Co” is the woman named Le Thi Hong Thuy.Nghinh Co Festival

Location: Co Temple, Long Hai town, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province.

Time: 10th-12th – second lunar month (Main time: 12 second lunar month)

Location: The most crowded water festival, attracting visitors in various places in different provinces.


“Co” is the girl from Binh Thuan who followed her father to the South for trading in Ba Ria. Then she loved the landscape and people, she asked her father to stay. However, his father didn’t agree, then she committed suicide in the Mui Nho. Then she became awe-inspiringly powerful and citizens made the temple to honor her. Another legend is she was the liaison for the Tay Son army which often travelled across that place. Once, she was discovered by the army of Nguyen King, and she was killed. Then she became awe-inspiringly powerful, and people made the temple to honor her.

After she died, she supported for the people who is in the sea works, helped them to recover from tough situations.


The festival is hold in three days annually (10-12 – second lunar month). The main offering is on 12 of second lunar month, but since the 10th, visitors from different parts of countries have come and pray. The ceremony of wishing for peace is delivered on 11th. Joining in the ceremony is the monks in different pagodas, and they often pray until the mid night.

Outside of the Co Temple, there is the festival of flower garlands and colored lanterns. In the dawn of 12th morning, following the main offering monk if the red palanquin with the tablet of Co’s name, all are put into a boat. After the fire cracker is the order of starting. All the boats head for the open sea like the dragon gliding in the sea in the early morning.

When the boats come to the settled point in the sea, the boats are arrange in the form of a circle in the middle of the sea. The main monk delivered the offering to invite the “Co” and the God of South Sea to the temple and attend the festival. Music and firecrackers are played in the space of vast sea.

Coming back to the land, lion dance groups will come to welcome the boats. Palanquin is brought up to the temple with the official offering.

On the beach, there are many traditional games like lion dance, chess, flower dance, catching duck on the waters.

Nghinh Co Festival

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