10 destination cannot ignore when tourist to Sapa

September to November is the period scenery of Sapa ( Lao Cai province ) in the most beautiful . Pleasant weather , human nature and draw on each other as beautiful title picture wearing … It can be said that these distinctions in Sapa Footbinding tourists along. In order not to miss the chance to explore this beautiful mountain town , OP help you to list the most attractive destinations .

1 . Conquer Phan Si Pang – The roof of Indochina


Phan Si Pang is the highest mountain of Indochina peninsula ( 3,143 m ) , located in the center of Hoang Lien Son range . Yet only 9 km from Sapa town in the southwest , but if walking, climbing you have to take 6 to 7 days to conquer this mountain . Currently , many climbers both professional and amateur pathfinder Phan Si Pang conquer . They can take the tour or travel companies organize themselves with the guidance of the local population , the ethnic Hmong , Dao ( in Cat Cat Village ) .
Top Phan Si Pang

Sapa scene majestic peaks out from Phan Si Pang

On the way up the mountain , visitors will discover the flora and fauna and the natural attraction of the Hoang Lien . There have a lot of celandine , a precious medicinal herbs , and precious woods , birds like grouse , bear , monkey , antelope , birds …

2 . Mountains Ham Rong
Ham Rong Mountain – Sapa

On the Ham Rong Mountain has a lot of blooming flowers , especially orchids

Ham Rong Mountain is located immediately adjacent to the town of Sapa , 3 km away , visitors can walk to it . Standing on top of Ham Rong Mountain , you get a panoramic view of Sapa , Muong Hoa valley , Sa Pa , Ta Phin hidden in smog . Currently, embellished with hand man , Ham Rong is indeed a fruitful landscape of Sapa . Up Ham Rong , travelers lost in the first garden , clouds rushed sealed body , colorful flower ground .

3 . Sapa ancient Cathedral
Sapa ancient Cathedral

Old church in the town of Sapa misty

Located in the heart of Sapa town , Sapa stone church built in 1895 is considered a hallmark ancient architectural integrity of the French left . Cathedral was embellished and conservation became an indispensable image when it comes to Sapa misty .

4 . A Cat
Cat Cat Village , Sapa

Ethnic people in Cat Cat

This is one of the oldest of Mongolia , the center of Sapa town 2km . It preserves many traditional crafts such as cotton , linen , woven fabrics … The Cat in the nearby town of Sapa so attracts many tourists visit . Currently, this place was built resort Cat .
Refer Sapa travel experience !

5 . Ban Ta Phin
Ta Phin , Sapa

Tourists along ethnic stalls participating in the dance community Ta Phin

The Sa Pa Ta Phin district , the center of Sapa town about 17km to the east . It has a beautiful natural landscape , the culture imbued with national identity of the Red Dao Brocade famous career . To Ta Phin , you can visit Ta Phin cave nearby. In the cave there are many stalactites create interesting shapes like the first dance , the first group to sit , far fields , woods sparkle …

In addition, there are many villages of ethnic minorities to visit when you travel to Sapa as : Ta Van village – the people of Mongolia , Giay , Tay, Red Dao … ; The Spirit of Ho , Lao Chai village – black H’mong ( by approximately 7 kilometers southwest of the town of Sapa , Muong Hoa stream edges ) ; the Lake of the glove ; Lao Chai village of Black H’mong people ( from 8-9 Km southeast of Sapa town , on the west bank of Muong Hoa River ) ; Lake of the Pho …

6 . Muong Hoa valley – Sapa ancient rock pile
Muong Hoa valley

Muong Hoa valley with terraced fields picturesque

Valley Muong Hoa commune Most sports, Sapa town about 8km southeast . From Sapa town , crossing a high mountain pass along (with charging stations 80,000 VND / person ) , you will come to Muong Hoa valley . It is particularly in this valley are ancient carved rocks of different shapes , intervening trees and terraced fields of ethnic minorities . Hundreds of carved sandstone rock drawings , strange characters have yet to determine the origin and meaning . Today, this area has been carved ancient monuments national ranking , the unique heritage of the ancient Vietnamese . In Muong Hoa valley also has beautiful small stream stretches about 15 miles , through the town of Lao Chai , Ta Van , Most sports and ends at Ban Ho .

7 . Thac Bac – Peak Pass
Silver waterfall , Sapa

Silver Falls is a famous landmark in Sapa

From Sapa town , go west about 12km on the road Lai Chau , we will see Silver Waterfall rushing down from high flows on streams 200m into the valley O Quy Ho , creating sound jungle full publication object . But spring visitors should consider before visiting Silver Falls since then very little water falls . Going further 3 km from Silver Falls is the place travelers come to the Pass . It has stunning views over Phan Si Pang , deep under the unique way to go to Binh Lu .

8 . Troi
Troi , Sapa

Port up to the sky scenery mountains …

Out of Sapa town , go north about 18 miles , winding road to heaven gate halfway up the winding mountain coincide message same message . This road passes named Tram Ton , weaving between the majestic Hoang Lien Son range . And heaven gate is the top of the pass . Sapa ranked among heavenly gates , you can cover the whole panoramic wide valley beneath the green upland fields , and down the roads , the distance is Thac Bac . Also in this heavenly gates you will feel looks glorious peaks of Phan Si Pang great with sun rays , below are the deep chasms .

9 . Scenic item
Hang Korea , Lao Cai

Hang Tien Ha Long regarded as the miniature of Lao Cai

Conversely river about 6 km from the town center Privacy Chew ( Bac Ha ) boat will take you through the ancient China with the legendary Admiral . The river here runs to tighten forming deep lines , gentle , weaving between two steep banks of the wall . Scenic Halong item is a miniature , associated with the integration of three shrines Bao She Chew . Many visitors come here sightseeing , Tien springs soak in the sunshine flower island , blessed are praying for beauty , health and wealth .

10 . Coc San
Dong Coc San , Lao Cai

Dong Coc San , Lao Cai

Located at Coc San Commune , Bat Xat district , Lao Cai city about 7km , Coc San is a system of caves and waterfalls of different size . From Highway 4D , there is a small dirt road about 1km long leading into San cup . Coc San Road in a zigzag , and was filled up by the rocks , the beauty of San cup still purely natural , unspoiled . There’s something very special in each chassis is virtually a waterfall , after water poured down from above there is a cave . Coc San harmonious scenery and spacious . When people come here has felt magical mystery exuding from the waterfalls , quarries and caves .

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