Barbeque flavor in Sa Pa

Visit to Sapa , you can comfortably enjoy the delicious barbecue from corn , potato , chestnut armpit to steal pork , spring fish , eggs …As a popular winter dish in many parts of the country , but with clear cool climate , Sapa’s barbeque gives visitors a taste of its own .

Firstly, characterized  grilled cuisine space  in SaPa are  small roadside kiosks instead of luxury restaurants . Only a chick tables , plastic chairs and three crushed a charcoal fire well enough to call ” grills ”

sapa cuisine

Only about 10,000 dong, you can enjoy the delicious barbecue

In Sapa , the grills are present everywhere , from the market to the alley . But is best known as the ” city roast ” on the Ham Rong Street , right next to the Nha Tho Đa (Stone Church)
Just over 100 m but here there are dozens of simple bar restaurant, serving grilled dishes for visiter. Something familiar as corn , potatoes , cassava , sugar cane can be easily found here, but the taste has somewhat different when imbued with the essence of the mountains .

If corn , potatoes , cassava is the food appetizer grilled then baked pork is considered the main dish on the menu at SaPa barbecue . With main ingredients are meat of grazing tiny pigs what’s stocky and fat . So after grilling on charcoal fire they have a very delicious taste


Yellow  barbecues Sapa also includes the skin, but not tough, brittle, soft, sweet as eating more. So if you’ve tasted a skewer, nobody could hold your heart had to call a few oblique to eat for the deal.

Not only marinated spices to fit your mouth, the longer skewers wrapped together with a needle mushrooms and white cat green vegetables. They become very attractive and beautiful. So they help change the guest’s taste by the perfect combination of Sa Pa specialty.

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