Discover the charming beauty of Xuan Huong lake

Standing in front of Xuan Huong lake, the reputable poet Han Mac Tu cannot say any a word but enjoy its charming and graceful beauty in silence. Having no legend but with the perfect beauty and the special location, it is regarded as a sparkling gem and a treasure spotlighting the homeland of flowers – Dalat.

The space of the lake is also considered as the heart of  the flower city (Datlat) because it is the masterpiece created by the great combination between nature and the creative working achievement of human beings. Those who want to take a tour around Dalat should visit Xuan Huong lake, at least one time.

Discover the charming beauty of Xuan Huong lake 1

Origin of the lake

Initially, Xuan Huong lake is just a spring running through swamp and rice field near the village of Lach people – a group of K’Ho ethnic minority. Thus, the lake has the strong attachment to the original name of the city – Dalat. In 1919, according to the initiative of envoy Cunhac, the flowing of spring was retained to make into the lake. Through several times of embellishment and dam construction, the lake was changed the name, from Grand Lac (Lon lake) into Xuan Huong lake by Chairman of Council of Dalat commune, Mr. Nguyen Vy in 1953.

Recognized as the national landscape in 1988, Xuan Huong lake went through nearly a century, the lake still appears to be beautiful and gorgeous like a young woman in the youthful years. This beauty is the own attraction of Xuan Huong lake in particular and Dalat tourist site in general.

Ideal location and typical features of the lake

Xuan Huong lake is the beautiful lake located in the center of Dalat city. Around the lake, there are forest of pine trees, grass plots and flower gardens. This is flavour place for tourists to walk or sit on the carriage when visiting Dalat.

Discover the charming beauty of Xuan Huong lake 2

In addition,  Xuan Huong is the man-made lake with the circumference of approximately 5 kilometers. It is like the shape of crescent moon with 7 kilometers in length through a lot of tourist places of the city such as the flower park of the city,….This is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Lam Dong. With the picturesque landscape around the lake, it is extremely suitable for local people and tourists to take a walk or a visit as well as for the lovers to make a date.

Discover the charming beauty of Xuan Huong lake 3

The surface of the lake is quiet like pane of crystal glass reflecting rows of pine trees whispering in days and nights. Moreover, the roads around the lake which are turtuous and hidden in the trees make the visitors feel relaxed and comfortable.

Discover the charming beauty of Xuan Huong lake 4

Not only is the famous landscape with the charming and graceful beauty but also the lake functions as the climate regulation to make the atmosphere fresh and cool in the moontime of the summer.

In the late afternoon or at night, tourists can sip some cups of coffee, glasses of wine in restaurants such as Thanh Thuy, Thuy Ta in the river bank to enjoy the beauty of the lake. Besides, they can ride pedalos or rubber-made as well as sit on the motor-boats on the lake. Afterthat, thay can eat or go shopping in the city center and come back to lie down on the luxuriant grassplot of Xuan Huong lake.

Discover the charming beauty of Xuan Huong lake 5

This lake seems to be a beautiful picture the nature give to Dalat as the precious gift. It deserves to be the treasure of Dalat forever.

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