Discover three extra-special islands in Nha Trang

It is always said that if you did not visit three islands, you have yet to come to Nha Trang. True to be told, three-island tour is really speciality of sea travel that hardly province owns.

Coming to Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province, you can hold a ticket (120.000-130.000 VND/tourist) to experience 3-island tour. Each boat sailing to three islands has the capacity of 40-50 tourists, the guides will divide the tourists into groups and the members of each group will control each other in order to avoid getting loss.

Let’s take a view at three beautiful islands!

1. Hon Mun Island, about 10 km offshore

Hon Mun lies in Nha Trang marine protected reserve where owns the Vietnam most abundant and diversified coral reef with 340 out of more than 800 types in total of hard coral (madrepore) in the world.

Discover three extra-special islands in Nha Trang1

Discover three extra-special islands in Nha Trang2

Swimming in the sea and diving to coral reef in Hon Mun Island

Swallowing in the blue cool water with eye glasses, snorkel, life jacket free of charge from the travel agency, visitors will be completely satisfied with diving and directly seeing the array of coral and valuable and rare marine species. Besides, you can rent glass-bottomed boats at an affordable prices.

2. Hon Mot Island

In the tour to 3 islands, the ship will make a landfall in Hon Mot Island  as usual for lunch time. You can enjoy here many delicious seafood dishes such as steamed fish ball, sea fish dipped in potato sauce, shrimp, sautéed mixed lagim , fried eggs, fruits for dessert …

Discover three extra-special islands in Nha Trang3

Lunch, seafood and beverage are served right in the sea.

There is one special thing which will make you greatly excited is the show  performed by the tour guides after meals with musical instruments and songs as a gift to tourists.

3. Hon Mieu Island

Hon Mieu Island is the nearest island to the shore in Nha Trang. It only takes you twenty minutes by motor boat to reach the island. Coming to Hon Mieu, you can not miss to visit two attractions which are Tri Nguyen aquarium and Bai Soi beach – beach Hotel.

Tri Nguyen Aquarium is a collection of marine fishes and plants, marine life adapted to the open model.  You can reach Tri Nguyen Aquarium by crossing the island a few hundred meters.

Discover three extra-special islands in Nha Trang4

Tri Nguyen Aquarium 

People call it Bai Soi (gravel bank) because there is not any sand but perfectly round and smooth gravel instead on the beaches. You can see through the clear blue water the gravel at the bottom. Bai Soi still remains entirely wild beauty with sea in front and primeval forests behind.

Discover three extra-special islands in Nha Trang5

Gravel bank in Hon Mieu Island

Three-island tour is a “speciality” of Nha Trang tourism, therefore, a large number of tourists signed up every year. In the tour season, the travel agencies received 400-500 enrollment per day.

 Tips: travel agencies can give you the reference brochure to book three-island tour are: Tu Hai, Long Giang, Bien Dao tour, Sanest, Nhatrangholiday… The car will pick you up in your hotel to the Cau Da port (Nha Trang) before starting the tour.

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