Duommountain which is called “Diem” mountain, is next to highway No.3 and far from central city about 24km following the northwest. This is a famous tourist attraction in Thai Nguyen with rough stones as poking head dragon in front, two large stones at the bottom like two huddling elephants. At the peak and slope, there are regular temples. The temple which is ancient, covered by green moss is the familiar spiritual destination of local people. With visitors coming from afar, the temple is popular by its ancient beauty and architectural landscape.


Duom temple is associated with the talented general of the Ly dynasty, Duong Tu Minh, who had great services to regain vast land from Song enemy and protect the stability of the border area in the north of Great Viet. He also reclaimed virgin soil, developed economic and maintained the solidarity of the nation. He was rewarded and married two princess.

Duong Tu Minh was respected as God. This temple was built at the place where he stayed in his old age. It locates in the recess of the front mountain like covered eternally. In front of the temple, there has Bridge river cutting thourgh an immense field. In the far distance, there are several palm hills, large tea hills with hidden wealthy residence of Tay people.

Although this temple was renovated several times, it still retains the unique architectural style including three levels as Upper, Middle and Lower. From the temple’s gate, visitors would see the ancient majestic beauty. The temple is covered by green trees and moss. From the flight of steps leading to the temple to the curved roof, the old wall is also cover by green. The landscape of temple makes visitors stop for a while before coming back to the noisy outside world.

Every year, from 6th to 8th of January following lunar calendar, Phu Luong district organizes ceremonially Duom temple festival to commemorate General Duong Tu Minh and pray for good harvest and good fortune. It has typical feature of national culture and attracts many local people and domestic tourists.The festival is begun with incense offering ceremony in the morning of the 6th. The Qilin dancing team takes the lead, followed by youth team with clothing of Tay people and brought local products on hands to perform ceremony.


The offerings include meat-free and normal food. Three meat-free wheels have rice pies, sweet short cakes, honey cakes, ball-shaped cakes. Normal food offering has steamed glutinous rice, chicken, pork… All of them are set in front of the Middle temple’s gate to worship General Duong Tu Minh.


In addition, in the festival, there are many folk games such as throwing “Con”, swinging, tug of war, human chess and so on. Before that, in program of festival, there have also singing performances and sports competitions between communes in the region. When Duom temple has been invested and upgraded to expand scale completely, the festival will become more crowded and attractive for many visitors, which creates a cultural space jubilantly in a healthy way in these early spring days.

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