Impressive destinations in Nha Trang

Travelling to Nha Trang, beside beautiful beaches, you can also explore many interesting and impressive destinations as below:

1. Hon Ba Mountain

Hon Ba may be unfamiliar to many tourists, but to local citizen, it is like “Da Lat in the coastal city”. The beauty of the mountain is compared to a fairy hiding in the misted forest. Hon Ba is far 2 hours from Nha Trang city. The top of Hon Ba Mountain is 1600 metres above sea level. In summer, temperature here is just around 18 degree.

Hon Ba Moutain

Hon Ba Moutain

Hon Ba has fresh and pure air with spectacular wild scenery. Nature Reserve here has flora and fauna diversity, including many animal and plant species in the Red List. The highlighted tourist attraction here is wooden building vestige of A.Yersin doctor where Yersin used to live and grow the valuable and rare medicinal plants.

Hon Ba is suitable for a picnic with family or friends. Beside green tourism services, restaurants or souvenir shops, there are also bungalows built for need of rest of tourist.

2. Thach Lam stream

Thach Lam Stream – Waterland, located in Cam Lam District, 20km from the center of Nha Trang city, is the first eco-sport tourism of Khanh Hoa Province.


Thach Lam Stream

Beside cool stream, tourists can visit the biggest cherry-blossom garden in Viet Nam. Coming to Thach Lam stream in the blossom season, you will have chance to view the breathtaking beauty of the garden.


Waterland is a suitable place for camping, picnic or team building activities. There are many entertainment services here as well, such as rowing a boat across the waterfall, grass skating, mini golf,… Furthermore, tourist can also enjoy local dishes or specialities at a village market.

3. Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba Island with wild beauty is becoming attractive destinations for tourist around the world. Binh Ba Island is located in Cam Ranh city, 60 km from Nha Trang city.


Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba is famous with clear sea water, beautiful and safe beach, especially delicious and fresh sea food (the most famous is lobster). Binh Ba tourism is attaching importance to developing homestay service which is expected to bring interesting experiences to tourists.

4. Bamboo Village

Bamboo Village is 5km northwest of Nha Trang city.

Coming to Bamboo village, you will see the peaceful Vietnamese village picture with ricefield, grass hill,… Furthermore, tourist can also enjoy dishes of all three areas

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