Nha Trang Grilled Fish Cakes

For fans of seafood, you should not forget to try Fish Cakes one time when you go to Nha Trang. Nha Trang is an outstanding place with very fresh and variable seafood sources, so the Fish Cake there has so special taste that could be not repeated in any other places.

Fish Cake is a well mixture of crushed fish, onions, pepper and sometimes mushrooms. Their tasty smell lies on the fish, which comes from the nearby harbors, directly cooked in the restaurant so the meat still keeps its raw ocean smell. The mixture is made the form of balls or oval pieces and then fried with eggs to make its yellow skin, immediately eaten with fish source and dill to keep its hotness and smell.


The mixture of soft milled fish with dry onions, pepper and a little spice are formed to round flat pieces before fried or steamed.


Fried Fish Cake which have favorable skin and raw fish inside.


Fish Cake is very main dish of almost of restaurants in Nha Trang


The residents like to choose Fish Cake with sticky rice or bread as a cozy breakfast.

Who prefer raw and natural taste should try steamed Fish Cake, which is cooked by boil water so still keeps its natural sweet from fresh fish.

A chance to discover Vietnamese Noodle World

Other famous combination of Fish Cake is also popular to the residents in Nha Trang is noodle with Fish Cake. The noodle sauce is cook from fish bone to have its own sweet without using any industrial spices. The balance of tasty Fish Cake and soft noodle with sauce, together with vegetables, tomatoes and some herb is an experience to tropical cuisine that make Vietnam is very distinct. Different from the hot taste of Thailand or flavorful dished from China, Vietnamese foods respect the balance between sour, sweet, hot and salty with crisp materials which make the dish taste near to the raw. So the combination of Fish Cake with rice or especially noodle is the dish which has typical sense of a tropical and ocean country. It is the reason why some tourist compare Fish Cake with noodle in Nha Trang to Pho in Hanoi.


Fish Cake noodle eat with some pieces of pineapple, herbs and vegetables. You can ask for a little of chili sauce to make the dishes more tasty.

There are some places which are famous for noodle with Fish Cake in Nha Trang:

–      Nam Beo Restaurant, Phan Boi Chau Street, A bold of noodle includes pieces of jelly fish to make a kind of seafood noodle.

–      Cay Bang Restaurant, Han Thuyen Street.

–      Duc Restaurant, B8, Phan Boi Chau Street.

If like to try fried Fish Cake only, you may ask the above to cook with acceptable price.

Nguyen Le

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