Riding horse around Xuan Huong Lake

Xuan Huong is a famous place for tourism in Dalat city. Locates in the center of Dalat, it is a man-made lake with perimeter about 5 km2 and total area is 25 ha. Around the lake lies pine tree forest, grass and flower gardens. It is favorite place for biking and riding horse of visitors when visit Dalat.


Xuan Huong lake has the shape of a crescent lasted nearly 7km to go through many tourist spots of the city as the City Garden Park, Yersin Park and Cu Hill. It is a romantic place attracts visitors and dating place for local couples. The face of the lake is calm, blue and clear as a mirror, reflects the pine trees singing days and nights. The roads around the lake is shady with trees, creates poetic face to the lake.


Romantic sunset in Xuan Huong Lake

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Visitors can sit in the shadow of the trees to release hooks, or go around the lake on water bikes simulate swans, or stop in a pavilion with particular architecture to enjoy glasses of fresh water with flavors of Dalat. The lake was named in 1953 after a well known Nom female poet in 19th century.


Xuan Huong lake has the average depth of 1.5m, on the height of 1479m above sea level and called as heart of Dalat. Long time ago, it was swamps growing grass to weaving mats and supporting water for agriculture.

In 1919, as Cunhac idea in Dalat reconstruction program, Labbe architecture built a damp from the pavilion to some main cross streets to make a lake. In 1921-1922, the lake was enlarged and it became National Heritage in 1988.


Local couples prefer riding water bikes on the lake in the afternoon

Xuan Huong lake involve to many big events in Dalat and the South of Vietnam. “Xuan Huong lake Circuit” becomes an official race schedule in the Nationawide race bicycle in Ho Chi Minh city, which is televised directly every year.

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