Salt pork one of Lao Cai delicacies

Coming to Lao Cai visitors are experiencing with nature and enjoy the delicious food that ethnic brought here . One of the specialties that visitors enjoy the bacon.

Pork has long been a familiar rustic dish for the people of Vietnam and this is the way foods are more processed food the most . In the delicious dishes made ​​from pork , the bacon is one of the delicious cuisine in the list of Lao Cai highlanders .

big fellow animal

Big fellow animal

How salt pork processing is simple with spices available in the garden . Spices include salt pork as basil leaves , jackfruit leaves , betel leaves , together with fresh chilli , neighbors and the sticky wine . All the leaves are dried and crushed , sliced ​​pork pieces then pour the wine has a very salty marinated with salt and mixed spice and dried leaves were then crushed meat into jars or bottles to from one to two weeks can be used.

Cách chết biến món thịt lợn tạo nên hương vị riêng

make a private pork flavor 

When using salt pork roast or grill can according to the tastes of each family . When eating , we have different feelings . Of its spicy and chili , cinnamon ‘s flavor , slightly tart taste of jackfruit leaves and betel leaves . At the same time , a characteristic sour pork is mixed salt taste salty , crunchy and firm flesh . Reduce salt pork fat and fed up of fat . When eating , we can regain the sense of taste when eating too much food without feeling good .


Thịt lợn muối

Bacon is rustic highland people especially in the Tay Bao Yen . Although the food is simple but also upland people to entertain you as a traditional food and sincerely express your feelings for the people living

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