Sankaya – one of the world’s interesting desserts

Thailand is not only famous for very spicy dishes, its recipes of dessert are well known among Asians. Travel around traditional markets, you can easily find a bowl of Sankaya – a sweet dish of custard and pumpkin with a very soft price: sixty cents (20 baht). Specially, in some stores, the custards are served inside a whole pumpkin.

Sankaya – one of the world’s interesting desserts 1

Sankaya – one of the world’s interesting desserts 2

You can easily find Sankaya in street vendor in traditional market or luxury restaurants

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Since 1600’s, Portuguese food brought to Thailand an ideal of steaming blended eggs with sugar to make dessert. The tropical country with a variety source of coconut blew to the dish a new and typical taste with the use of coconut milk and make Sankaya. It is a perfect combination of different textures: sweet and soft of custard cream, fatty and fragrant of coconut milk and fleshy of pumpkin. Not only for dessert,  the rich nutrient of the dish is suitable for a snack at mid-night or in a hot afternoon.

Sankaya – one of the world’s interesting desserts 3

Mix coconut milk and sugar well

Sankaya – one of the world’s interesting desserts 4

Pour the liquid into the empty pumpkin

This is a simple and easy way to make a homemade dish for 8 people. You need:

–       A cup of coconut cream or coconut milk

–       A cup of palm sugar or ½ cup of honey

–       5 eggs

–       ¼ tbs pandanus (optional)

Mix coconut milk with sugar and heat up until the sugar is dissolved. Leave it cool down in room temperature. Blend eggs in a large bowl and gently add mixture of coconut. Put the mixture into a mold covered by muslin cloth and set the mold in a larger bowl with a little of water. If you want to serve in a pumpkin, cut the pumpkin and remove the seeds to pour the mixture inside. Put the pumpkin in the water bowl. Bake at 325 oF for 45 minutes. Sankaya is better to be used cold.

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