Sapa tour Schedule

CatCat Village

CatCat Village

The highlight : the Mong ethnic villages such as Cat Cat, Ta Van, Ta Dao the aneurysm. The terraced fields in Sapa, easy to find on the road in the nation. O Quy Ho Pass, Silver Falls, Ham Rong mountain where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Sapa city smog.

Duration: from 2 days 3 nights, 4 nights or 3 days.

Means of transport: cars sleepers, railway trains, motorcycles

Schedule to Sapa

To reach Sapa you have 2 options is to take a bus, train or bed . With railway sleepers , will go a bit noisy , not drunk , to Lao Cai station , you have to catch bus to Sapa 30km away again . Normally , if placed on the hotel you should ask them Sapa in Lao Cai Station to greet me . If you buy tickets sitting trains will be cheaper , but a little tired sitting all night e . With sleeper car , no bus goes straight to Sapa , cheaper fare sleeper train fare , ride mountain roads , may be less safe than going vessels .

The schedule below is a composite schedule , you can take a car or motorcycle . At the bottom of Phượt Sapa schedule to destinations farther as Y Ty .

Day 0 : you go to bed or rail car to Sapa .

Day 1 : Sapa – Silver Falls – O Quy Ho Pass – Muong Hoa

Sapa about 7h00 , your luggage at the hotel. You can rent motorbikes , car rental if you go east union . Due to a long journey in one night to day so you should take comfort, lightness , not walk much .

8:00 : O Quy Ho Pass to watch the billowing sea of ​​clouds , early morning on the top of the pass will feel very comfortable .

9.15 : on the way back to Sapa , you take the time to visit Silver Falls , about 1 hour here . If you like to sit in some bar snacks Roadside Grill .

11h00 : arrive in Sapa , check in hotel , could pass for tiring bath . Then go to lunch , so spent about 30 minutes for lunch .

14:00 pm you can go to Ham Rong mountain , stroll around the gardens, climb peaks and panoramic view of Sapa town .

18h30 : dinner early to go play up there . Evening stroll around Sapa town , visit some roadside grills , if the winter goes on throughout the broth .

Day 2 : Sapa – Ta Van – Beach rocks Stock – Cat

8:00 comes to Ta Van , stopping along the way to photograph some point . If you like trekking , you should take the car , then trek from Lao Chai to Ta Van , you can hire to go Guide . If riding a motorbike to Ta Van , after playing here, you go to the beach already, and if it is too early to both The Lake ( The Lake if you go in 3 days and 2 nights , and moved to the day Cat later )

11h00 : Back to Sapa for lunch .

13h00 : continue to Cat Cat Village , the scenery along the way is quite nice , you can stop at a scenic lodges to photograph . Send car then walk down version , go down to the waterfall to play offline.

15:00 : if you go 2 days 3 nights by train , then you should go back to Sapa 15h and prepare the car to Lao Cai Station .

16h00 : if you go to bed or in the car 3 days 4 nights Sapa 16h then you return to Sapa , or depending on the time you go . About Sapa eating 1 day rest after tired walking .

17:30 : Knives can go bathing leaves , picked himself , as well as tobacco trial feeling bath nation .

1900 : Sapa cold season you should try the hot pot dishes , grilled dishes . Places to eat reasonably priced cuisine is the next to the square.

Day 3: Sapa – Ta Phinh

Da Church Sapa

8:00 Last Day feel free to get up late. After breakfast you arrange to visit Ta aneurysm. This is one of the Dao, to the walk around the village, visiting cave, if tobacco can bathe here.

10h30: on the way back you can stop and take pictures, or if the motorcyclists can walk around the corner to discover beautiful pictures. The road from the highway to the abandoned church has a pretty nice also.

12h00: Have lunch in Sapa.

Afternoon rest or play in Sapa before returning to Lao Cai Station, return to Ha Noi.

Note: if you want to climb Fansipan 1 day, you can go on day 2, Fan spend all day climbing. 1st Time and Day 3 you have the flexibility to go destinations on schedule.

Schedule to Y Ty 


Places are quite well-known by tourists are often hard to Y Ty conditions , by road travel difficult . Ty Y by beautiful terraced rice paddies ravishing , by the side of a mountain road , one side is the village of Ha Nhi . Places where people live rather homely and friendly , children playing in the rice fields after harvest , the knife , the girl sat clustered in cluster 10 embroidering . Take Y Ty you also ride along the Vietnam-China border , travel to the Red River upstream ( where the Red River into Vietnam land ) . The schedule applies only to motorcycles .

Day 0 : you give up motor boat , sleeping on a night train to Lao Cai .

Day 1 : Lao Cai drove away from the Bat Xat , Lung Po . The path along the border , you forgot to bookmark a column on the road . Y Ty sleep at night ( see address at Y Ty )

Day 2 : drive to Sapa . Road passing lights Muong Hum is also quite beautiful scene . Especially proximal to Pass O Qui Ho can you stop shooting if marine Cloud go in winter -spring .

If you want to play 2 more days around Y Ty , you can run the car on Ngai Thau , Hong He , like offroad for you .

1 night in Sapa night sleep .

Day 3 : Sapa play , choose one of the points come in on schedule , on the way Lao Cai , on the Chinese car back to Hanoi .

Note: you can also rent motorcycles to travel in Y Ty Sapa , with opposite schedules . Early morning car hire in Sapa and Y Ty drove away . I slept in Y Ty . Day 2 drive to Lao Cai , should deal with all your car is paid parking in Lao Cai , take more charge to help return the car to go to Sapa . If Day 2 morning ride may be in time for the train to Lao Cai to Hanoi . If you ride on up to bed , then return the car and catch Sapa bus about .


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