Thai Hoa Palace and Trieu Nghi courtyard – an outside museum of Nguyen Dynasty

Thai Hoa Palace is where 13 kings in Nguyen Dynasty stayed to reign Vietnam for more than one hundred year so it is one of the most important constructions in Hue Citadel..


Thai Hoa Palace is one of the biggest palaces in Vietnam is reserved until now. Together with Trieu Nghi courtyard, Thai Hoa palace is where the most important events of the king held


Was built during January to October in 1805, Thai Hoa Palace is the first and the most significant construction of Nguyen Dynasty.

As historians, Thai Hoa has a deep and significant name: “Thai” means big, “Hoa” means balance, so the name Thai Hoa shows the hope of making a balance life between people and nature. The balance in every relationship was the first requirement for a prosperous live and a sustainable dynasty.

During 100 years, Thai Hoa palace was rebuilt and reconstructed many times. The biggest reconstruction was under Minh Mang King in 1833 in which the whole palace was replaced to its position now. In 1923, under Khai Dinh King, to prepare for his 40th birthday, the whole palace was renew and glass windows which are covered by gold.


In front of Trung Dao Bridge, the bridge connects the main gate to the courtyard, held a board written in mandarins, which shows the strong desire of the kings of a sustainable dynasty and a peaceful live for the residents

Structure and design

The palaces has 80 column made of ironwood – the most luxury and strong wood in construction in Vietnam, and carved with dragons play with cloud – the symbol implies the meeting of the kings and his mandarins. There is some special character in design of Thai Hoa Palace is the appearance of number 5 and 9. These numbers not only appear on all of the inner and outer furniture but also on the steps of the palace. From the center palace to Thai Hoa Place, the kings should walk through a step with nine levels and then five levels. The step of Thai Hoa palace also has five levels. In the middle of courtyard, if you look to Thai Hoa Palace, a group of nine sophisticated carving of dragons with different positions will be noticed. Also, inside the palace, on each of the furniture there is a group of nine dragons flying. As one saying, Thai Hoa Palace is home of dragon.

Thai Hoa Palace and Trieu Nghi courtyard – an outside museum of Nguyen Dynasty 3

As one saying Thai Hoa Palace is where the dragons flying. All of dragons were carve by the most skillful artisans, especially on the throne,  in which the king sat during the meeting with his mandarins.

Thai Hoa Palace and Trieu Nghi courtyard – an outside museum of Nguyen Dynasty 4

During Nguyen Dynasty, all of the objects and columns in Thai Hoa Place was covered by gold

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Ancient meeting habit

Every month, the king and his mandarins would meet each other on 1st and 15th day on Lunar Calendar. Since the early morning, the mandarins should gather in Trieu Nghi courtyard waiting for the gate of Thai Hoa opened to meet the king, in which their reports about the political problems would be supported. Besides two big meeting, Thai Hoa Palace is where the important events like birthday or the day to celebrate the King were held.

Until now, although the gold window with luxury objects are not exist, Thai Hoa Palace with its historical and art values contribute a significant relic to Vietnam.

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