Tourist attractions of Ha Long

Ha Long Bay is a very famous tourist destination of Viet Nam. With nearly 3000 limestone islands, Ha Long Bay was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.

Tourist attractions of Ha Long

 Bãi Cháy Beach

Bai Chay: Bai Chay resort is located along the coast of Ha Long Bay, suitable for rest and swimming in the sea. This resort is windy all year round; average temperature is about 200C
Co To Island: To view beautiful coral here, tourist can go to island by boat. Co To still remains the wild beauty in noisy of Ha Long tourist.


 Tuan Chau Island: is the most beautiful island among 1969 islands in Ha Long Bay and the only one where has citizen. There is the biggest man-made coast of Viet Nam here, which is named Tra Co coast. It is ideal for tourist to entertain here.

Co To Island

Luon Cave (Hang Luon): Ha Long tourist is proud of cave system. Every cave has particular beauty and its own story. One of those is Luon Cave located on Bo Hon Island, 14 km from Bai Chay resort. You can view stalactite with different shape and size here.

Luon Cave - Ha long

Luon Cave ( Hang Luồn)

Surprise Cave

Hang Sửng Sốt – Surprise Cave

Surprise Cave: was located in the center of Ha Long Bay, on Bo Hon Island.  Bên trong hang Sửng Sốt là những nhũ đá hóa thạch có hình dạng vô cùng phong phú. The cave has three compartments and high ceiling with lots of stalactites in various shapes. In the middle, there is a giant and beautiful stalactite pillar connecting the cave’s ground up to the roof.


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