Unique wedding precedure of black Thai ethnic group in Dien Bien province

As the name, black Thai ethnic group always wear a traditional dress in black. They mainly lives in some North-western provinces and some district of Nghe An, Thanh Hoa. To the black Thai monority in Noong Nhai village, Thanh Xuong commune, Dien Bien, a wide range of customs and habits has been passed by tradition from one generation to another, in which there is rituals of wedding.

If you have a chance to attend a wedding of black Thai ethnic group, you will find it truly interesting with three ceremonies alternately called the plighting, the betrothal and the wedding. If there is a mutual agreement between two families, the wedding will be held in the three consistent days in happy atmosphere. Particularly, during the wedding of black Thai ethnic group, only women performs the rituals while men is in the back of the house to prepare food or do chores.

Unique wedding precedure of black Thai ethnic group in Dien Bien province 1

On the day of the wedding, groom’s family will get up early to kill buffalo or cow and prepare all gifts including pig, sticky rice, wine, chicken, dried fishes in a basket, four bamboo tubes of salted meat, four packs of betel leaves with roots of “Co hat”. Black Thai people never eat with whiting because it is believed that eating whiting is not good for giving a birth. The gifts depend on financial condition of groom’s family and the demand of bride’s one.

Bed preparation ceremony

When the good time comes, four chosen women who are hard-working, healthy and happy in their life will carry out the procedure of bed preparation for the bride and groom.

Unique wedding precedure of black Thai ethnic group in Dien Bien province 2

In the bedroom, firstly, they will stretch out the sedge mat of the bride and then the groom’s mat. Secondly, they will put the mattress of the groom over the bride’s one. Afterthat, they will place the couple’s pillows in the adjacent position.

While preparing the couple’s bed, they will give their wishes for happiness to the bride and groom. Finally, they will hang up the mosquito-net to cover the whole mattress.

Pouf ceremony

In the morning of pour ceremony, the groom’s family will send a small group of young girls and women to the bride’s house to bob her hair because they are the ones who not only are healthy and clever but also well know customs and how to bob the hair for the new bride. For the bride’s family, they will choose a group of young women, in which two people will be bridemade (normally, they are the bride’s best friends).

A tray of pouf ceremony in the bride’s room includes: pouf wedding presents of parents-in-law and gifts of parents given to the bride.

Unique wedding precedure of black Thai ethnic group in Dien Bien province 3

When the tray of pour ceremony is ready-prepared, the bride will wear wedding dress. Next, her mother takes her hand to the mat in front of the tray and unbind her hair for the groom’s group to perform the ritual. The selected person for the ceremony will stand behind the bride and gently comb her hair and then use both hands to bob the hair with switching and tightly roll up from the left to the right or vice versa. She will also sing the words of recommendations and wishes for happiness to the bride and groom.

While bobing for the bride, the representatives of two families will drink wine and sing together. The content of the songs implies circumstances of two families and careful recommendations to the couple.

After the pouf ceremony, the bride will always have to bob her hải to be beautiful and to give the sign of the married woman for other men.

Finally, on behalf of the groom’s family, the match-maker will give sincere thanks to the bride’s family for interest, agreement and support for them to do wedding ceremony of the couple. Then, the newly-married spouse will be pushed into the mosquito-net for a while before going out to warmly greet the guests.

Unique wedding precedure of black Thai ethnic group in Dien Bien province 4

After a few days, the groom’s family will hold a intimate party to invite the bride’s family and officially take the bride to home. At this party, the bride will give the husband’s family traditional gifts she made by herself such as bags or towels of Thai ethnic group.

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